【Black Lotus Summary】Phantom card!? I’ll buy Black Lotus!

The black lotus is beautiful~
It’s romantic, isn’t it?
I want it~, should I ask Santa?
Isn’t that good? (Was it in Toys ‘R’ Us?) )
Alright, I need to write a letter to Santa!




My daughter wanted a black lotus as a Christmas present.
Isn’t it cute?
It’s a card that costs tens of millions of yen, though.
Are you dreaming?

Buy Black Lotus

Is the card you’re trying to buy genuine? Isn’t it fake?

さIntroduction Phantom cards!? I’ll buy Black Lotus!

This project to buy Black Lotus, which even those who have not played trading card games (TCG) may have heard of at least once. I remember that I could buy it for tens of thousands of yen a few decades ago (a long time ago), but it is prohibited to reprint (it seems to be included in MTG 30thAnniversary Edition as a collection item with a low probability), and because it is a beautiful card, there is a collector’s element, and the soaring price does not know the ceiling. The generation that used to do TCG as a child has become the active generation and has money, and the market price of the TCG industry as a whole is rising. Due to the influence of the new corona, prices rose while the prices of investment targets fell across the board, showing its presence. It also has a strong collector’s element and functions as a worthy investment target. Personally, I love Pokémon cards and Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and I buy commemorative cards and boxes. My TCG career includes Magic: The Gathering (MTG) ⇒ Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, OCG) ⇒ Pokémon Trading Card Game (PCG, PTCG). When ordinary people buy Black Lotus, they researched Black Lotus. If you know the enemy and know yourself, you will not be in danger of a hundred battles. Let’s think about not only Black Lotus, but also how to buy a high-value card and the risks.

What is Black Lotus?

The Black Lotus was a card from the first pack of Magic: The Gathering, which was released in August 1993. The product is called “Limited Edition” and contains 302 cards. The first pack released is called “Alua: ALPHA” and the rereleased pack is called “Beta: BETA“. It is famous as the most beautiful card in the world and the most expensive card. In addition, its effect is said to be the strongest, and it can be said that it is a card that has both strength and beauty. Black Lotus is often referred to as the king of cards, but I personally have an image of her as the queen of cards.

What is Magic: The Gathering?

Magic: The Gathering is a trading card game made by Wizards of the Coast. It is famous for the world’s first trading card game released in 1993. It is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the “most played TCG”. Also famous for BLACK LOTUS and power9.

Types of Black Lotus, what is the price?

Currently, there are six officially issued Black Lotuses. (As of December 2022)

Limited Edition “Alpha Edition”: Limited Edition [ALPHA α]

Black Lotus Alpha The α edition was first released in August 1993 as the first set of Magic: The Gathering. Black border. The corners of the card are rounded. It is a card in good condition and is quite expensive at 30 million yen ~. By the way, there are only 7 copies of the α version of PSA10 Black Lotus in the world. At one point, it became a hot topic on overseas auction sites that the price exceeded 100 million yen (including prank bidding). Depending on the condition of the card, it can be said that it is worth tens of millions of yen or more. In fact, I have priced more than 50 million yen, so the high-priced card of the Black Lotus class is already the asking price. The basic purchase price of a certain card shop was 20 million yen.

Limited Edition “Beta”: Limited Edition [BETA β]

Black Lotus Beta The β edition was revised in October 1993. Black border. The rounded corners of the card are sharper than the α version. About 300~24 million yen The PSA high grade was sold for 24 million yen and was selling. The basic purchase price of a certain card shop was 7 million yen.

Unmilitrated Edition : Unlimited Edition

Black Lotus Limited Edition Unlimited is the third edition released in December 1993. White border. Market price about 100 ~ 5 million yen The basic purchase price of a certain card shop was 3 million yen.

Collector’s Edition : Collectors’ Edition

Black Lotus Collector's Edition The Collector’s Edition is one of the complete limited edition sets sold for collection in December 1993. The corners of the card are at right angles, and “Collector’s Edition” is printed in gold ink on the back of the card. In addition, the front side has a black frame and the back side has a gold frame. 10,000 sets were produced for domestic use in the United States. Paper and print are no different from beta. * Cannot be used in tournaments. Market price about 50 ~ 1 million yen The basic purchase price of a certain card shop was 300,000 yen.

International Edition : International Edition

Black Lotus International Edition One of the complete sets of the Collector’s Edition for overseas (outside the United States). Like the Collector’s Edition, the corners of the card are at right angles, and “International Edition” is printed in gold ink on the back of the card. In addition, the front side has a black frame and the back side has a gold frame. The International Edition edition was produced in 3,500 sets for the international market. Paper and print are no different from beta. They are fewer in number and somewhat more valuable than the Collector’s Edition. * Cannot be used in tournaments. Market price about 50 ~ 1 million yen The basic purchase price of a certain card shop was 340,000 yen.

30th Anniversary Edition : 30th Anniversary Edition

BLACK LOTUS 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION EDITION It is a card that has been reprinted as a collection item in a pack that was sold in limited quantities on the 30th, famous for “$999”. 1BOX, 4 PACKS. The description has changed. As for the price, it is controversial, but it depends on the price and inclusion rate of the 30th Anniversary Edition version of Black Lotus. By the way, the card is made of Japan. 30th ANNIVERSARY EDITION BOX As of 2022, there is no information, so we will update it as soon as it becomes available. If you can get it cheaply, it’s a dish you want to get. * Cannot be used in tournaments.

Where to buy Black Lotus?

(1) Flea market, auction site (2) Card shop (3) Acquaintance between individuals, etc. I was worried about the above three things in general. On overseas auction sites, if you search for “Black Lotus”, you will get quite a few hits. However, if you look at the images of the listings that you thought were cheap, there may be signs that they have been modified. After all, I have the impression that there are many fakes because of the popular cards. It may be an old card, but it is difficult to judge by the image. If I was forced to grab a fake, I prioritized safety and decided to buy it at a reliable card shop.

Why is the price of Black Lotus so high? 【5 Selections】

・ There are few valuable cards issued in 1993 that still exist. It is a card that does not allow reprinting.
・The illustration of the card is very beautiful. It is famous as the most beautiful card in the world.
・ The effect of the card is the strongest. It is a performance that can be one-turn kill.
・ There are many rich MTG players. Collectors are very popular.
・Investors who noticed the popularity and valuity of the card began to buy it for investment purposes.

The effect of Black Lotus (British: Black Lotus) is

The effect is that if you sacrifice yourself, you can give three colors of mana (cost) of your favorite color. Mana only increases by one point per turn, so if you use Black Lotus from the first move, you suddenly have a powerful strategy equivalent to the fourth turn.

What is Black Lotus, which boasts the strongest value for money?

※) It changes depending on the position, so I would appreciate it if you could let it flow smoothly. Since I am an ordinary person, it is impossible to budget more than 3 million yen. I was thinking of buying the Unmilitrated Edition version, but I was a little worried about the white frame, so I passed. Furari-chan and I don’t play games, we just watch them, so we decided to look for a collector’s edition or an international edition that would hurt less if it crashed. Some people don’t evaluate it because it can’t be used in games, but for those who don’t play games, it’s the best value for money. Because printing and paper are no different from beta. Considering that the “Collector’s Edition” released in 1993 sold 10,000 copies and the “International Edition” sold 3,500 copies, it is quite valuable. I think that’s not the case. Well, even though it was cheap, there were some items that cost well over 1 million yen at auction. Numb sensations. So, were indecisive parents and children able to buy Black Lotus at a reliable shop?

Beware of trading card fakes

Even the Collector’s Edition and International Edition editions were many fakes. Even if it is cheap, if you buy a fake item, you will throw your money away. When considering purchasing a trading card, not limited to Black Lotus, gather information in advance and buy something that is not too cheap or too expensive. Don’t let the momentum take a deep breath and think carefully because it’s cheap. Is the card you’re trying to buy genuine? Isn’t it fake?

I bought a Black Lotus that was issued 3,500 copies worldwide!

December 21, 2022. Cardshop Serra purchased the Black Lotus International Edition (PSA Appraisal 6.5)! … I did… It’s a famous shop in MTG. Anyway, a card from 30 years ago… I’m worried about what condition it will arrive in. The price is …… 559,992 yen! High! (Commoners) It’s a common price range for stocks, but I was thrilled to buy an expensive card for the first time. It’s a PSA certified card, so you can rest assured. I had previously read an article about fakes in a shop owner’s column, so I decided that I could trust them.

Black Lotus arrived

Later, I received Black Lotus by personal mail. It is packed quite well. Thank you very much. Black Lotus has arrived!

It has 500,000 security insurance.

Black Lotus has arrived! 2

There must be a black lotus inside the bubble wrap! Really?

Black Lotus! 3

More bubble wrap came out! Actually, I’m still thrilled to see if Black Lotus is really in it.

Black Lotus

Finally face to face ♡ with Black Lotus

(still in the bag)

Black Lotus PSA6.5 63015385

Beautiful Black Lotus ✨

(still in the bag)

I thought it was a more Yoreyore card, but it was quite beautiful If it is a 30-year-old card and it ✨is so beautiful, I personally have no problem. Black Lotus PSA6.5 Black Lotus International Edition back As a result, I was able to purchase the real Black Lotus (International Edition) at the card shop! I’m honestly happy! I will take care of it! In the future, we plan ♪ to use it for blog stories and YouTube video stories.

Finally, to get the cards you want with a smile on everyone’s face

I was eager to buy Black Lotus, but I was afraid of high-value transactions with old cards that I had never had in my hands. I was scared, and finally bought the International Edition in favor of cost performance and peace of mind. It’s not perfect, but PSA appraised is a relief. Buying high-value cards is not something that happens on a daily basis. It’s extraordinary. It would be a shame if you saved money and bought the card you really wanted, spent your valuable assets and bought it for investment purposes if the card you bought was fake. There are many unscrupulous people around the world who actually sell counterfeit products, and you have to protect yourself. Regardless of whether you actually see the card in a store and buy it (although it will still be difficult for a layman), there may be people who try to trick you into making money in auctions that judge only by transactions between individuals or photos. Even expensive works of art such as antiques and paintings are fakes and counterfeits. In recent years, trading cards have been highly evaluated artistically, so I would like to collect information thoroughly without thinking that they are just cards, and protect myself from being scammed.

In the first place, a good child should not buy such an expensive card!

Have a good trading card life!
Black Lotus, pretty
Printing from 30 years ago, it has magical power
Furari-chan? …… Furari-chan, come back!!
If you don’t mind, watch ★🤲 YouTube

* This article is not a recommendation to purchase high-value cards. In addition, if you think of trading cards as an investment, there is a risk and you are responsible for yourself. There is no right way to invest. I hope you will enjoy it as an idea and a reading material.

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