What beginners felt for the first time on YouTube 5 selections [people do not come]

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YouTube is a great site where anyone can send videos and share them with people all over the world.

How I started YouTube

My daughter also loves it and watches it often. Maybe it’s because I’m too busy with work to bite them. In fact, it is extremely popular among the younger generation, and in recent years it is not uncommon for entertainers to enter the market. One day, when I asked my 5-year-old daughter if she wanted to do anything because she would make time for her on holidays, she said on YouTube. If you think of it as a viewer, you are the one who makes it. There is a Maman GO sign in the back, and there is no escape. On YouTube during the Sengoku period, an uncle with 0 knowledge of video production had a vision of fighting with bamboo spears in a tank with elite soldiers on it. Definitely killed in ( ́・ω・’) battle.

I want to do YouTube. ❗️
It’s easy to say, but I’ve never made a daddy video…
Okay, there are a lot of interesting videos
Fura Daddy
Do you have ❓ anything you want or something (what’s okay, hey ❓)
You don’t have two words for dad (I always say it).
Fura Daddy
Oh yes.

What I felt for the first time on YouTube [5 selections]

That’s why I decided to launch a YouTube channel. The image of sailing to the Pacific Ocean even though you can’t even control a ship. All there is on the ship is Furari-chan’s motivation. This is my first blog post, but I will summarize what I felt for the first time on YouTube.

People don’t come (not play)

Anyone who started YouTube without a name recognition is on the road (I would like to think so). A tremendous number of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. In such a situation, videos of people who do not know YouTube’s algorithm and no one knows are buried in the quantity. Frankly, it doesn’t come to despair. It is a severe world where you can not expect to be flooded and accessed like a blog. Actually, only those who have experienced this may know, but it does not come so much as to dent. It’s clear from YouTube’s low retention rate. I guess I have no choice but to make a good video steadily.

Always concerned about the number of plays

Still, there seemed to be a slight thought that it would ❓ still be regenerated, and I was worried about even the fura papan that I should have started reluctantly. At first always check the number of plays and despair. I can’t help it because I’m worried about the evaluation of the video. For better or worse, I was hit by a lot of double punches because I could see the playback retention rate on YouTube studio. Kataya and Furari-chan don’t care about the number of plays. The kid is amazing. Analytics is necessary information to make a good video, but if you care too much, it will be mentally draining. It is recommended to keep it to a degree that does not become pathological.

I’m worried about the situation of other YouTubers

Suddenly, you will be searching Google for “YouTube not playing”, “YouTube just started”, “10 views amazing”, etc. Looking at the search results, other people say that I’m okay, and shout to help ( ́・ω・’) someone at the center of my heart. Such a state of mind. I was looking down, not up.

I wonder if there is any point in continuing

YouTube is the climax for the first time. I think with gachi, not neta. I figure out if there is a meaning to do it even if people do not come so much. I thought that if I wanted to make a similar video without thinking about anything, I should stop it. With strategic withdrawals I haven’t lost. Because if you run away, you won’t be hurt. Well, it’s easy. But when I saw my daughter having fun, I remembered what I created the video for. I had a bad nightmare. ( ́・ω・’) Geister

【Saigoi】I want to make a good video

There was no point in looking up or down. Why did you upload the video to YouTube? Is it to earn plays? There must be a reason. More than this time, next time. Tomorrow than today. Little by little, I wanted to make a good video. Someday, I would be happy if I could acquire more knowledge of video production and send out something that people can enjoy. Princess ♡ Furari Thank you for reading until the end.


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