Play with parents and children! Let’s observe the traffic rules of "pretending to be a doctor"! Don’t jump out of the road! 【YouTube♯18】


Let's observe traffic rules, don't jump out.

Let’s observe traffic rules [traffic safety]

In this YouTube video, there is a scene of a traffic accident, so I summarized the traffic rules of pedestrians. In recent years, drunk driving and reckless driving have been severely punished. In fact, there is no end to the number of accidents that occur due to the carelessness of automobile drivers. So, does pedestrians have to obey traffic rules? Some people say that bicycles are not automobiles, so they can be free. Pedestrians and cyclists also need to protect themselves from accidents by observing traffic rules. This YouTube video is a doctor’s game after a car accident. We would be happy if you could take this opportunity to review the basic traffic rules once. Pedestrians must also protect their own lives. In addition, pedestrians may become perpetrators, so think not only of yourself but also of others.

* The contents of this article are traffic rules of Japan.

Basic traffic rules for pedestrians

1. Pedestrian walks on the sidewalk.

2. If there is no sidewalk, pass on the right side.

3. Bicycles are vehicles. Don’t run on the sidewalk, let’s pass on the left side.

3. The “yellow” of the traffic light will stop.

4. Cross the traffic light when crossing the road.
If you cross the road in a place where there is no traffic light, make sure that you are safe.

4. Even if the traffic light is “blue”, unfortunately there are cars that rush in with right turn, left turn, etc.
Even if the traffic light is “blue”, check the left and right and check the safety.

5. Don’t walk side by side, don’t get carried away with the story, look around and walk.
There may be elderly people and the weak walking right in front of you.

6. Wear bright clothes, flashlights and reflective materials for the night zone to make it easier for the driver to notice.


In the old days, people often said that “if you straddle the men’s threshold, there are seven enemies, and various dangers await if you get out of the house even one step. (There are seven enemies across the men’s threshold is a preparedness to be careful because there are many enemies when a man goes out into society.) We believe that traffic accidents are one of them. Many accidents occur every day, and casualties occur. Cars and bicycles are very convenient, but if you use them incorrectly, they will turn into a murder weapon. I want to strictly observe traffic rules and protect not only myself but also the lives of others. It is natural, but I find that it is the most difficult.

In this YouTube video, Doctor Furori-chan helps a black cat who jumped out of the road and had an accident! Will black cats be saved?

Traffic accident serious


Doctor Furari-chan

Doctor Furori-chan helps!

Tortuous… Through…

Will the black cat be safely saved?

Don't jump out of the road.

If you jump out of the road, you can’t do it!!

(*Please note that the video will produce sound.)


Cars are scary…


I’m afraid of cars, but sometimes pedestrians and cyclists get injured.


I’m afraid I’m going to get injured.


I think that the life lost decreases if everyone pays attention to each other☆

【YouTube Video】Pretending to Be a Doctor Don’t Jump Out of the Road!!︎ Traffic Rules Furori-chan






I’m glad you saved a black cat.


Thank you ♪, Dr. Furarai- sensei


Even if you’re unlucky in an accident, a lot of people are moving to save their lives.


If everyone observes traffic rules, will accidents be reduced?


Well, I think it will decrease if everyone can follow traffic rules and think about others and act.


Why can’t we all do it?


I wonder why.


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