[Why what?] Tokyo Disneyland Experience of the Corona Vortex [Closed in 2020 – Admission Restrictions]

At that time, I couldn’t go anywhere due to the influence of the new coronavirus … I was looking forward to Beauty and the Beast… The park is closed
It was still an unknown virus. After the declaration of a state of emergency, when the full extent of the virus was revealed to some extent, Tokyo Disneyland was open even before the vaccine was developed, implementing infectious disease control measures and limiting the number of people. There weren’t many people back then.
I couldn’t get a ticket
Forgive Daddy who can only take a day off on Saturdays and Sundays …
My mom, who was a Disney loss, was desperately making a reservation on her smartphone
I went there as a reward because I had been living in self-restraint for a long time since the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection around the world, but I remember bringing a large amount of alcohol disinfection and going there with excitement.
It seemed safer inside Disneyland!

What was Tokyo Disneyland like before the development of a vaccine for the new coronavirus infection?

Let’s look back at those days! The parent-child detectives are dispatched!

Introduction The new coronavirus that changed our lives

The first case of COVID-19 was reported in Wuhan, China, in early December 2019. At that time, I remember that stock prices temporarily fell in response to the outbreak of a new infectious disease. During the Chinese New Year, the Spring Festival, many Chinese people traveled around the world for the consecutive holidays from January 25, 2020. Japan, it was a time when the outbreak on the cruise ship “Diamond Princess” made noise. At that time, I had no idea that just a few months later, it would become a global pandemic. The cause is clear, but there were also problems with crisis management in countries that did not impose entry restrictions. Naturally, due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection, Tokyo Disneyland was forced to close for a long time for the first time in history. With the spread of vaccines, the new coronavirus infection has calmed down, so I looked back on that time and wrote an article.

Disappeared from the shop? Daily necessities

Corona disaster hoardingCorona disaster toilet paper hoarding At that time, it was rumored that toilet paper would run out, and many people bought it in large quantities, so daily necessities such as toilet paper, tissues, and kitchen paper, and preserved foods such as cup noodles temporarily disappeared from the store. Many people may have been worried about what would happen in the future. Masks and disinfectants continued to be in short supply for a while. Personally, I judged that it was temporary and that the new coronavirus infection would end soon, but the results are still trailing as of 2023. It would be cold sweat to think that the United States had not developed a vaccine. I think the speed of development was truly unprecedented. Let’s all try to gather information and make calm decisions so as not to be swept away by gossip in a crisis situation. Corona perionCorona Disaster Aeon While the state of emergency was declared, there are still photos of when I went shopping at AEON, and it is a scene that makes me feel the end of the world. During the state of emergency in 2020, only groceries and daily necessities were sold.

Economic Activities and Infection Control [Social Distancing]

Gradually, the nature of the virus and the route of infection became clear from unknown infectious diseases. If we continue to stop economic activity, we will naturally face a wrinkle. After the declaration of a state of emergency, the Japan adopted a policy of balancing the economy and infection control. That’s quite a wise decision, isn’t it? It’s still controversial, but when the economy dies, there is no original and no children. Even now, masks and alcohol disinfection are commonplace when going out. As of February 2023, vaccination has progressed, and I feel that there is less awareness of ventilation and social distancing.

Everyone was wearing masks, kindergarten was closed, so I was worried…
But it was necessary to save lives. If it had been an infectious disease with a high mortality rate, it would have been irreversible. At the same time as the resumption of economic activity, the operation of Tokyo Disney Resort resumed. At that time, there was no precedent, so Oriental Land would have been groping.

Was Tokyo Disneyland [DisneySea] closed due to Corona?

On February 28, 2020, Oriental Land announced the temporary closure of Tokyo Disney Resort until March 15, 2020, and both parks were closed from the following day, March 29. At that time, we were planning to open a new area with attractions such as Beauty and the Beast and Baymax in the spring, so I think it was a difficult decision. However, even after that, the new coronavirus infection did not subside, and the closure period was extended, and the operation was suspended for more than four months.

What is the Oriental Land stock price in Corona?

Corona Disaster Oriental Land Strain

And I never thought that the park would be closed, and this is the reaction of investors and shareholders.

Since the risk of infection with the new corona infection was raised, it has gradually decreased from the 18,000 yen level. Most of them seem to be short sellers.

(Furapa was already in wait-and-see mode once he took profit on all stocks.)

Corona Disaster Oriental Land Strain

I buy it.

You know it’s going up again from here. It depends on the reason, but when any stock is down significantly, it’s likely time to buy (especially if everyone thinks it’s going to go down). The basis for the purchase at this time is that there is no need to worry about closing and clustering at Disneyland, there are many internal holds, and expectations after reopening. In fact, when you buy, it depends on whether the stock you want is a good deal. I was underestimating the new coronavirus infection, but it worked. Well, it was too low.

When did Tokyo Disneyland resume operations?

Later, on July 1, 2020, the park opened with a limit of 5,000 visitors per day. Events, shows, and some attractions have been canceled, and new management policies and infection control measures are being thoroughly implemented in response to the corona disaster. In addition, it is now a reservation system to purchase tickets on the app. I wanted to take my Disneyland-loving family, who put up with it every day, but I watched it for a while after the park opened. As a result, we decided that it was relatively safe. Then, he won the ticket battle and got tickets for July 23 and 24 of the same year, which were consecutive holidays! On July 23rd, I could only get a ticket for admission from 11 o’clock. I will never forget the happy faces of my family at that time. At that time, I didn’t have a blog or YouTube, so it’s completely unusual. I have the impression that Tokyo Disneyland, which was always full of people, was lonely when there were no people. Now, let’s take a look at Tokyo Disneyland during Corona!

Tokyo Disneyland during the pandemic [July 2020]

Corona Disaster Disney Social Distancing

The first thing I saw was this, let’s be aware of social distancing.

Corona Disaster Disney Social Distancing

It was raining, but it’s crazy! Nervous Furari-chan …

Corona Disaster Disney

Maybe it’s from 11 o’clock, but it’s a holiday, but there are not many people …

Let’s go inside! We measured body temperature at the time of entry and disinfected with alcohol!

  Corona Disaster Disney Cinderella Castle

The cast was filming, so I asked for it, and I pashari ♪ with Cinderella’s castle in the background.

The impression of entering Tokyo Disneyland in Corona was that there were few people, and there were some popular attractions, but I was able to get on it immediately. I remember feeling a little lonely, surprised that the 5,000-person limit was so small. The attraction was carefully alcohol disinfected once, once. I brought a large amount of alcohol disinfectant, but I didn’t use much of the alcohol disinfectant I brought because there was alcohol disinfectant everywhere. It is a surprise that we had secured such a large amount of alcohol disinfectant at a time when alcohol disinfectant was valuable. I even felt safer than the outside world. I can’t get my head around the cast at that time. There is no doubt that we were able to provide a high level of service during the really difficult time, and it would not have been possible without the cast. For a company, good people are an asset. Oriental Land wants the cast to take good care of them. Corona Disney Show

Only one car was passing by, but a simple parade was being held. The kids were so excited ♪.

Tokyo Disney Resort Celebration Hotel

This time I stayed at the Celebration Hotel. Originally, the hotels at Tokyo Disney Resort were not crowded, but the impression was even more relaxed. Like Tokyo Disneyland, the infection control measures were firm, and I was ♪ able to stay with peace of mind. Corona Disaster Disney Celebration Hotel

Tokyo DisneySea during Corona [July 2020]

Corona disaster DisneySea

There were not many people at Tokyo DisneySea either. In some places, there are no people. The destination is Soarin: Fantastic Flight!

DisneySea Toy Story Mania

After Soarin’, Toy Story Mania! I also put it in without lining up. When I think about it now, it was not just after the park opened, but it was an impossible sight.

Corona Disaster Disney Nemo Friends

Gokigenyona ♪ Furari-chan

DisneySea Show At DisneySea, a simple parade of Duffy & Friends was held.

It was just a boat circle around the sea, but it was precious at that time, wasn’t it? ♪

Tokyo Disneyland during the pandemic [April 2021]

And the long-awaited Beauty and the Beast “Magical Story”, Baymax, and other new areas will open on September 28, 2020! However, I was worried about the spread of the new coronavirus infection, so the next place I went was in April of the following year. I think the limit on the number of people was relaxed slightly, but I had the impression that there were still few people. Corona Disaster Disney Beautiful Girl and the Beast

The Beast Castle, which is rarely seen now, is devoid of people!Surprise Furari-chan …

Corona Disaster Disney Glass Shoes

Cinderella is me! Furari-chan ♪ in a good mood

The squire Funi is also attached.

Corona Disaster Disney

I also met ♪ my favorite Minnie at the new attraction.

Corona Disaster Disney

Where’s Country Bear?

Finally, the importance of infection control and what to enjoy

The novel coronavirus infection has spread globally and caused many casualties. Since it was a rural area, I was close to home and there was no misfortune, but I think many people had a hard time. In infectious diseases, influenza also kills many people every year. We pray that the new coronavirus infection will be a trigger for the prevention of many infectious diseases. Also, in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, each media outlet was broadcasting news that fueled anxiety every day, and I feel that it was mentally taxing. It’s important to be patient, but it’s also important to change your mood. I don’t think it’s okay to go out urgently during the state of emergency, but if it’s not a self-restraint period, I think it’s important to take thorough infection control measures and go out. Even if you don’t say it, the child is patient. In addition, vaccination against the new coronavirus infection is effective. We recommend vaccination not only to protect yourself but also others! Of course, those with underlying diseases are not risk-free, so consultation with your doctor is necessary. Tokyo Disney Resort is a dreamland that makes you forget your daily life. It gives many people dreams, love, and hope to live. By the way, Tokyo Disney Resort has not experienced clusters or mass infections thanks to various infection control measures. It’s truly a dreamland. In the future, I would like ♪ to pay attention to infection control measures and go not only to Tokyo Disneyland but also to travel.

Disneyland I don't want to go back cry Furari-chan cries when she doesn’t want to go back

Playbox ♡ recommends vaccination
◆Precautions for vaccination◆

* Some people have underlying diseases or allergies and cannot be vaccinated even if they want to. Please be careful. We do not recommend excessive discrimination.

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