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Monitoring Dangerous buttons

Dangerous buttons in the world [5 selections]

Elevator Parent and Child There are many dangerous buttons in the world. What kind of button do you think of when you hear the word “dangerous button“? Eh, thorn buttons are hard to get caught in clothes? So, it’s… The buttons are different! This time the button is a button to press. In the world, there are emergency buttons to protect people from convenient buttons that turn on the lights, buttons that will destroy humanity, and buttons that are ridiculous buttons that will destroy the earth. When people are told not to push, it is human beings who want to push. But we live by it. If you tell a kindergartner never to press it, can you avoid pressing a dangerous button? Fire alarm It is such a dangerous button, but I will introduce 5 for each level. (It’s dogma and prejudice.) (Danger Level 1<<< Danger <<<Danger Level 5 Lv.)

[Danger level 1] dangerous button of the world “fire alarm (red guy)]

This button is installed in various places such as schools, hospitals, and public institutions. In order to press the button, it is necessary to press it with a strong force. It is a representative of a button that is very useful in an emergency such as a fire, but please be careful because it will be difficult if you use it incorrectly. If you push it at school or work with half a joke … You will be looked at with white eyes by various people and scolded! Adult beings include the possibility of swinging their lives on sticks. Oh my gosh… Generally, a fire alarm consists of an “indicator light” with a red lamp on, a “transmitter” with a push button that says “press strongly”, and an “audio device installed in the general panel.

【Risk 2】Dangerous button of the world “RESET button of NES”

The NES reset button, which inadvertently pushed the button and knocked the children to the depths of fear and regret, ranked majestically at Risk 2. You may not know the current generation, whose save function is commonplace, but you can’t taste that sense of despair. How many hours of hardship disappear in an instant. In addition, the freeze that occurs by hitting the main body was also a strong enemy. Because it is this feeling of despair just by pushing it by oneself by mistake or hitting it, if it is pushed by brothers, parents, friends, a lot of fights and dramas will have been born ….

[Danger level 3] dangerous button of the world [power button of iPhone (smartphone)]

The power button of the smartphone with the nickname of the time thief. If the smartphone is not turned on, it is a smartphone addiction if it becomes restless. Time passes in no time when you look at your smartphone. If you don’t use it incorrectly, there’s no other tool that’s so useful. If you really have a smartphone, you can do anything. It is also characterized by a decrease in vision due to viewing from a dark place or a short distance, troubles due to interaction with people who can not see the face such as SNS, heavy billing for games, shopping, if you raise the danger such as adult sites. However, it can be said that it is a button of the devil who undermines the spirit, wasting time without noticing. Let’s thoroughly manage yourself so that smartphone time does not affect study time, work time, family group time.

【Danger Level 4】Dangerous button of the world “Nuclear button (general weapon)”

Nuclear button (all weapon systems). Jumping into danger of life at once. It is a very dangerous button that can destroy human life, town, and country by pressing the button. Here, it is a nuclear button, but I think it is a button for weapons in general. In the United States, only the president can order the use of nuclear weapons, but it must also obtain the approval of the U.S. military, and it will not be pushed by individual judgment alone. What is scary may be the unfinished nuclear (weapons in general) button in a country that may be pressed without thinking ahead, such as a certain northern country. By the way, it is a famous nuclear button, but it is highly likely that it does not exist in developed countries. Peter Fever, a professor at Duke University, testified in Congress in 2017 that “the president can’t push a button and fly a missile by himself.” “The system used is not a button, it’s not something that a president accidentally puts his weight on his desk and immediately leads to missile flying.” It also allows the President’s emergency bag, commonly known as “football,” to allow a nuclear attack even when the President of the United States is away from the headquarters. There is a black briefcase containing various tools. It contains a black notebook with a list of attack options, a card with an authorization code used to verify the president’s identity, a list of the president’s evacuation sites, and a guide to using the emergency alert system. With the development of technology, buttons are no longer necessary, but on the contrary, it is scary. I hope that the unexpected, such as hackers and AI rebellions, will not happen.

Danger Level 5 Dangerous button of the world “Mama (wife) reverse scale button”

There is a button (switch) that is invisible but mommy gets angry. Don’t neglect trends and measures to avoid offending your mom. In some cases, it is very dangerous. It’s the most familiar and most frightening button.

What is a scale?

Reverse scales (Gekirin) are scales that are said to grow upside down at the throat of the 81 scales of the legendary divine beast “dragon”. Dragons are gentle creatures, but it is said that if they touch “reverse scales“, dragons will get angry and kill people. Similarly, it was said that the monarch had what could be called reverse scales, and it was said that those who expressed their opinions to the monarch could succeed as long as they did not touch the reverse scales. For this reason, it came to be called “touching the reverse scales” to offend the monarch, and in modern times it is used in general to anger superiors and to anger others and animals. Kairyu Ginkirin DifferenceIt is easy to understand the “Gekirin” used by the usually gentle Kairyu of Pokémon (Image: Pokémon GO)

The difference between a button and a switch

  When pressed, a small protrusion that is a device that causes a certain action.
  A device that can stop or flow current.
  ”I’m going to put in”


Would you press if there was a button that would cause dangerous things to happen if you pressed it? Why don’t you push it? This is the first monitoring and dokkiri project! Furari-chan is advised by her beloved Calcifer in Howl’s moving castle not to press dangerous buttons. Was it possible not to press the button as advised? Please also enjoy ♪ the calcifer monomane of Furapa Can Furari-chan safely keep the order!? Dangerous button Calcifer appeared

Calcifer: “You must never press that button.”

Monitoring Dangerous buttons

Funny button…

Dangerous button Worrisome

Over time, I’m worried about Furori-chan…

Dangerous button Behavior suspicious

Behavior suspiciously! !

(* Please note that the video will emit sound)

What happens when I press a button that I can’t press?
If you push it, it’s dangerous, so don’t push it.
Calcifer told me not to push it…
If Calcifer says, don’t push it!

【YouTube Video】 【Monitoring】Dangerous button press? Press?





Mes, I’m pushing…
People have buttons there, so push them.
Mountain climbing!?
I don’t have a scale button.
Come to think of it, Haagen-Dazs in the fridge … I ate it.
Not this person!


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