【Home Garden with Parents and Children】 Let’s ♪ grow dwarf monkey bananas


Home garden with parents and children Monkey banana ♪

Recommend a home garden with parents and children

Parent and child home garden! Both parents and children are amateurs when it comes to gardening, but they ended up growing dwarf monkey bananas in their own way. (2022.5~) When I was a child, I grew corn in small pots, and I remember being impressed by the small corn I harvested. I want my children to experience this excitement as well! I ended up doing horticulture as an amateur at the core. Cooperation between parents and children and aiming for one goal (harvest) is an opportunity to build a relationship of trust and communication between parents and children. I think it will lead to. It is recommended for those who can not continue to have a conversation with their child. As you can see, I’m also an amateur in horticulture, so I would like to learn with my children. A dwarf monkey banana sapling that Funi-kun (son) fell in love with at first sight at a horticultural store. Furari-chan can also eat bananas! And in a good mood. We decided to plant in potted conifers that had withered due to the impact of the new coronavirus. Will you be able to harvest dwarven monkey bananas!? ※ We will update it by the monthly series method

Benefits of parent-child and home gardening for children

1. You can experience that plants are living creatures and learn the importance of life. 2. You can learn the importance of daily actions by regular watering, observation of conditions, investigation when problems occur, and trial and error, and you can expect to improve your thinking ability. 3. You can feel the joy and sense of accomplishment of eating harvested crops, and learn how difficult it is to grow crops. 4. We believe that opportunities for communication increase, such as increased conversations between parents and children, and are effective in building relationships of trust.

What is the Dwarf Monkey Banana?

【Series】Let’s ♪ grow dwarf monkey bananas with parents and children

Parent-child home garden Dwarf monkey banana saplings

May 5, 2022

At the horticultural store, Funi-kun fell in love at first sight and ended up buying it Parents and children decided to grow dwarf monkey bananas! First of all, buy dwarf monkey banana seedlings! Parent and child in the kitchen garden Let's plant dwarf monkey banana seedlings Day 1 Plant dwarf monkey banana seedlings in flowerbeds where conifers have withered! Give plenty of fertilizer and water! Parent-child home garden Dwarf Monkey Banana Sprinkle plenty of water and the first day is over! I want you to grow up healthy! After all, it was a furapa that I thought pests were the most afraid of. Cute blue insects also have a cruel side to plants that are nothing but pests.

May 15, 2022

Home garden with parents and children Monkey banana ♪ Day 10 Dwarf monkey bananas 10 days after planting in flower beds. We don’t see much change. Grow up healthy, ♪ and plenty of water every day is not missing!

May 26, 2022

Home Garden with Parents and Children Dwarf Monkey Banana Day 21 I can feel the damage of direct sunlight because the sunlight is too good. Slightly worried kids and dad.

May 29, 2022

Home Garden with Parents and Children Dwarf Monkey Banana Day 24 I’m still worried about direct sunlight, but the bud in the middle is growing! Grow up healthy! To Be Continued….

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