The Darkness of the Manga Drawn by My Daughter “The Cat Returns”


Returning the Cat's Favor Furari-chan If you meet, there will be a farewell, the dark fantasy “The Cat Returns” drawn by genius Furari-chan (6). It will ask all who read it. My mind is full of “?”.

“The Cat Returns”

Cat Ongaeshi 1

Cat Returns 2

“I’m here to play.”


Cat Ongaeshi 3

“Bye bye”

“Bye bye”

Cat Returns 4


Cat Ongaeshi 5

“What’s that, the cat?”

〜The End〜

Too abrupt and sad ending. Originally, this was the end, but when I asked the author why the cat was gone, I received the following page.


Neko no Ongaeshi 6

“I’ve moved, see you soon ♡.”

Considering the cat’s return of favor

See you cat At first glance, this manga looks like a story about a friend who was close and moved. But then why did he move without giving Octopus anything? Various questions arise.

The theory that the cat died

The cat died for some reason. If this is the case, there is a reason why the cat suddenly disappeared. Also, there is a possibility that the story is set in a pet store where a cat sells, or that you are involved in a family disturbance.

Octopus-kun stalker theory

What if Octopus was a stalker who was relentlessly obsessed with cats? It sends chills down my spine all at once. This theory also explains why the cat suddenly disappeared.

Octopus’s dream theory

In fact, the cat died a long time ago. Or I had a vision. If it is the last vision seen by an octopus tired of life (octopus life), it is a very sad ending.

Did you return the favor?

The story ends with the cat and octopus meeting and playing, and parting due to the cat’s move. However, Octopus doesn’t know that the cat has moved. Also, there does not seem to be any depiction of doing or doing it. Assuming that the loss of the cat is a way to return the favor, the absence of the cat should benefit the octopus. What is the truth that the cat moved…?! Cat is a octopus

Adults want to know the answer, don’t they?
Mystery is calling me
Octopus is just a stalker, right?

💡✨✨So did you return the favor?


What is stalker

A person who is persistently attached to a certain person. You may feel favoritism towards a particular person, or you may hold a grudge against someone for not being able to do that favor, and you may go around, lash out, rush in, or make silent phone calls. Stalkers have behaviors based on abnormal obsessions and a desire for domination, and their behavior can escalate uncontrollably. Recently, the term “net stalker” has also been born, and it is necessary to be careful even on the Internet. Please be careful when handling personal information.

In conclusion

People are creatures that want to know what they don’t know. Mankind has developed culture and science from fantasy. We live in the delusions of our predecessors. What if what we think is common sense actually means nothing? It would be interesting if you figured it out. Also, I’m looking forward to Furari-chan’s new manga! Furari Manga

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