【Parent and Child Detectives】The mystery of the shoes falling on the highway

The mystery of the shoes falling on the highwayEnglish

Highway Shoes

The mystery of a shoe falling on the highway

My shoes are falling on the highway!
It’s been around for a long time.
What carefree! It’s an incident!
Well, is it dangerous if there is an accident?
It’s not just about shoes! What if it’s an incident?
Oh, this is a great gag.
Daddy, the worst!

Why are my shoes falling on the highway?

freeway Shoes falling on the highway, it’s a mystery. I remember being nervous as a child, wondering if it belonged to someone who committed suicide or to someone who was involved in an incident. I think anyone who sees this on the highway will be interested. The parent-child detectives are dispatched!

The theory involved in the incident

What about the possibility that your shoes fell on the highway when you were involved in a suicide or some kind of incident? It’s interesting as a story, but it seems to have a relatively high probability of being witnessed, so the possibility may be slim. However, it cannot be said that it is 0, so it cannot be said for sure that there is none. There is also a possibility that your shoes will fall on the highway if you are involved in an incident. It was pretty good material to fantasize about while on the road. What one can imagine is that it has the potential to come true.

The theory that a private car fell from the bed of a truck

This is the most likely theory, and it is that the shoe fell out of the car or truck bed for some reason. In the past, I don’t think there are many cars that run with their windows open while traveling on the highway, so I think there are many that fell off the loading platform. I don’t have a dream (did I have a dream originally?), but it’s realistic.

Thrown in from outside the highway

A theory thrown in from outside the highway. The highway may run under a pedestrian bridge, making it relatively easy to throw in from outside the highway. A long time ago, there was an incident where a raw egg was thrown from a pedestrian bridge to a car driving on the highway.

Fell during the battle between the allies of justice and the dark organization

The battle between the allies of justice and the dark organization — a shoe falls off in the middle of that epic battle — there may be such a thing. Just imagining it makes me nervous!

What is the truth of the mystery of shoes falling on the highway?

Falling object Stuffed bear Parents and children examined various theories. There is also a theory that aliens dropped it. Since it cannot be collected in the cat state of Strenger, I have summarized it into four theories.

Are there any falling objects other than shoes?

It’s a simple question, but are there any falling objects other than shoes? According to NEXCO’s data, in addition to shoes, there were various falling objects such as plastics, vinyl, cloths (plastic containers, garbage bags, blankets, sheets), (tires, automobile accessories, etc.), and wood (square lumber, veneer, etc.).

Number of cases of falling objects disposed of (FY2020 NEXCO Japan survey*)

Types of falling objectsNumber of cases processed
Plastics, vinyl, fabrics (blankets, sheets, etc.)22,000
Automotive parts (tires, automobile accessories, etc.)7,300
Wood (square lumber, veneer, etc.)5,700
Roadkill (animal carcass)7,300

>NEXCO Chu Japan * This is the number of cases processed on roads managed by NEXCO Central Japan, so there are more falling objects nationwide. We were able to confirm that there were so many falling objects. I am grateful to the NEXCO staff who always keep the highway clean and easy to drive.

Is the falling object the responsibility of the person who dropped it?

“Article 75-10 of the Road Traffic Act” When the driver of a motor vehicle intends to drive a motor vehicle on a high-speed national highway, etc., the driver of a motor vehicle shall check in advance the amount of fuel, cooling water or prime mover oil or the loading condition of the cargo, and if necessary, fuel on the high-speed national highway, etc. Measures must be taken to prevent the vehicle from being able to operate due to insufficient amount of cooling water or prime mover oil, or from tipping or scattering the loaded object. There is. Penalties: Imprisonment for up to 3 months, a fine of up to 50,000 yen, or a fine of up to 100,000 yen. Falling objects are the responsibility of the person who dropped them. To prevent luggage from falling or scattering, it is necessary to prevent it by hanging a sheet or securing it with a rope. In addition, it is necessary to regularly inspect it in the SA (service area) and PA (parking area).

What if I find a falling object?

Call emergency phone and road emergency dial (#9910)

Call the emergency telephone or road emergency dial (#9910) located on the main highway, in tunnels, service areas (SA), parking areas (PAs), bus stops, emergency parking zones, etc.

However, using an emergency telephone on the highway is dangerous unless there is too much to do. Make sure you are safe before contacting us so that you do not lose your life. Also, of course, even if you are in a hurry, please do not operate your mobile phone while driving.
Communicate directly to toll booths, SA/PA, etc.

By telling the staff, they will dispose of fallen objects.

【Summary】The truth about shoes falling on the highway

Car life The truth of the shoes on the highway is that the cargo of the car has fallen. Highways running at high speeds, even shoes are dangerous. There is a risk of leading to a major accident. As it turns out, no one throws it away as garbage, but it may be the same as the incident theory. Your shoes are missing! I was laughing, and I was embarrassed. I feel that there are many accidents that could have been prevented by fixing and inspecting the cargo. It is very dangerous to have falling objects on the roadway even on ordinary roads, so drivers should drive responsibly and safely!

Cases of personal injury caused by falling cargo

There have been cases where cargo loaded on a truck fell and people were injured by falling objects. In this case, the suspect has been arrested on suspicion of violating the Road Traffic Act as manslaughter by negligent driving.

What is a manslaughter charge by negligent driving?

It is a crime stipulated in the Motor Vehicle Driving Punishment Law (Act on Punishment of Acts that Cause Death or Injury to People by Driving a Vehicle), and is a crime that is often established in personal injury cases. Article 5 of the Motor Vehicle Driving Punishment Law A person who fails to take the necessary care in driving a motor vehicle and thereby causes death or injury to a person shall be punished with imprisonment for not more than seven years or imprisonment or a fine of not more than one million yen. However, if the injury is slight, the sentence may be waived depending on the circumstances.

Littering is Akan!
Let’s see~
I don’t see any risks!
Drivers and pedestrians have an obligation to be safe.
530 Movement Blood Buzz!
Picking up trash on the roadway is dangerous, so don’t do it!

What is the 530 Movement?

The 530 (zero garbage) movement originated in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture. Both now and in the past, many people visit nature trails such as the Reed Wetland in Toyohashi City. With so many people gathering, garbage being thrown away became a problem. The Showa era was a period of high economic growth when no effort was placed as much on environmental conservation as it is now. Cleanup activities were carried out mainly by related parties, but the situation continued that garbage did not decrease. It is said that the “530 Movement” began in May of Showa 50 when Mr. Hisao Natsume, an officer of the Toyohashi City Nature Trail Promotion Council and chairman of the Toyohashi Mountain Association, advocated the promotion of the “530 Movement” in Toyohashi City under the slogan Let’s take your own garbage with you.” On July 16, Showa 50, 43 organizations in Toyohashi City united to form the 530 Movement Promotion Liaison Committee under the unity of the public and private sectors. Since then, May 30 has been designated as 530 (zero garbage) days and 530 practical activity days.

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