【Intellectual Education】The effect is enormous! 5 Tips for How to Praise Your Child


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Everyone is happy to be praised. Age doesn't matter.

To praise

Furari-chan Shopping "Praise" refers to a person, thing, or act in recognition of excellence. Have you ever been praised? Most people said they were happy. I don't think anyone felt bad about being praised. That's right, everyone would be happy if they were praised. Humans are one of the few creatures who can be praised and happy. This time, I tried to summarize the tips of how to praise everyone from babies to the elderly to make them happy. Housewives who lament that their husbands (big children) do not move at home may also be able to move if they praise their husbands (distant eyes).

5 Tips for Effective Compliments for Growing Your Child

Here are some tips you can do starting today, how to compliment them on how to grow, ♪ in order 1. Listen carefully to the process of action Listen carefully to what the other person is saying. This is very important, and it is very important to listen carefully to what you have had difficult and what you want to appeal to in order to praise the other person. If you listen appropriately here, the effect will be halved even if you do the following tips. First of all, please listen to the other person and listen carefully. 2. Empathize with what you hear 1 empathize with what you have heard firmly. "It was hard," and that alone makes the other party in a pretty good mood. Never deny here. "Isn't that '00?' and so on. Genin can do 1 and 2 at the same time. Do you have classmates or employees by your side, natural or calculating, who are involved in most of your class or company? 3. Praise the other person's actions concretely After empathizing with the information obtained in 1 and empathizing with the other person in 2, praise the other person concretely . "It seems like it was hard, but you're very good at it." The important thing here is to take the form of listening to the other person. If the other party denies it, it will be something that will make you feel bad. You can say, 'That's not true, it's amazing.' 4. Praise and then throw in words to connect with the next If you do it up to 1~3, the other person is in a pretty good mood. However, in order to connect what you worked hard this time to the next, it is important to throw in words that will lead to the next one at this time of good mood. "I can't do it, so I want you to do it again," "Help me out with you again," or 'Good luck next time.' It's a direct statement, but it has an effect because you're in a good mood. 5. Praise indirectly I give a compliment that is effective in 1~4, but I praise indirectly to make it even more effective. At home, they happily talk about their mother's compliments to their fathers. The point is that the person you're complimenting is within audible range. By doing this, the effect will be enormous.

Be careful when praising

Furori-chan Sea Now that I've introduced "5 Tips for Effective Compliments for Growing Your Child", I will also explain the points to note. Don't exaggerate when praising. If you praise it more than necessary, it will be deliberate, and the effect may be halved or the effect will be lost, and on the contrary, negative emotions may be held. It's common to everything, but it's important to do it moderately.


Furori-chan It's nice to be praised. I don't think there's anyone who isn't happy to be praised. From babies to the elderly, magical words that make you feel happy. I want to be praised for this. My wife is always angry at me, so I want to be praised (crying). These days, I feel that there is no one who grows by being praised and grows, even if they say that they will grow by being praised calculatively. Now, how about "5 Tips for Effective Compliments to Grow Up Your Child"? I would be happy if you could sympathize with me even a little. If you say, "I'm happy to be praised = I want to do more!", you will be able to have fun, be happy, and work on things. I feel that only parents can unconditionally praise their children and grow up. The best way to grow a child is to praise them! It made me think again about how to treat children with love.   Thank you for reading until the end.

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