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It's really hard to scold a child. I feel grateful to be a parent when I become a parent.

Scolding a child? Get angry?

It's difficult to scold a child. By the way, there are many people who become emotional. First of all, children often do not know overwhelmingly compared to adults on the premise. Adult common sense does not fit into children. Sometimes you have to be careful with your child. Is there a way to grow a child without shrinking? This time, I thought about scolding children and getting angry.

The difference between scolding and getting angry

"Scolding" means to think of the other person, to point out the wrong thing, to explain, and to give advice. Respond calmly. "Angry" means to criticize the other person with emotion, to lash out at anger, or to taunt them. Get emotional. I feel that there are many parents who become emotional and "angry". "Why do you do this?" or 'Why do you do this?' Are you crazy?' At first, you may see that what was scolding for the sake of the child turns into anger before you know it. How does a child feel when his or her parents abuse him/her? There may be some people who say that it is because we do not dare to touch it, but it is worse "emotional abuse" than the Tekken sanction that thinks about children. Moreover, I feel that the fact that there are many people who go there unconsciously is a troublesome point. In order to prevent this from happening, I summarized the tips on how to scold the child to grow.

4 Tips for How To Scold Your Child To Grow Up

Furori-chan Soap Bubble 1. Listen carefully to the process of action First of all, as a premise, there are many things that children do not know. Rather than measuring by the yardstick of an adult, we put ourselves in the child's shoes and listen carefully first. 2. Listen and understand your child's feelings I feel that it is important to understand why the child did something when scolding the child. 3. Never get emotional and ask the other person to think about what went wrong The point is to encourage your child to realize for himself or herself what went wrong. Gurus don't let their children realize they're being scolded. Give awareness. 4. At the stage of listening to the story, if it was a misunderstanding, apologize firmly When you listen to the story, it may be a misunderstanding. For this reason, I apologize profusely for trying to be careful. Doing so can lead to distrust.

Thinking with kids

So, Sura P does not scold as much as possible (contradiction?). )。 To be precise, they approach the roundabouts without scolding and realize that it is bad. Because I spend a leisurely time from the same perspective as my child, I literally get angry" from mom with my child. Spending time with children is important, and we play together, think together, learn together, and get angry together (Oy). It is such a P, but there is only one scolding. It is a time when you do something that is life-threatening or an act that is annoying to people. For example, we walk along the road and teach traffic rules, but when we walk in the middle of the road, do not observe the traffic lights, or ride the curb. In such a time, it literally "scolds". I think it is persuasive because there is a relationship of trust and I do not usually get angry. It is important for children to think together from the same perspective as children and to convince them and correct them. I feel angry and unhealthy and a one-time apology that I don't have in my heart remains. It's also important for parents to follow each other. If there is a fault, daddy will be licked, and sometimes you have to become a demon and show dignity!


Furori-chan Climbing The child is a prank genius, the possibilities are endless. Sometimes bad things happen. I would be happy if I could understand the feelings of the child without getting angry without getting angry, understand why I was scolded, and grow up with the child!   Thank you for reading until the end.

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