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I noticed that I was somehow subscribed to the UUUUM network.


Postscript (March 2022): It has been decided that the redefinition will be applied as "a place to nurture exclusive creators who co-create business". As a result, the UUUM Network fee has been changed from 500 yen to 5% of revenue * up to 10,000 yen from Tuesday, March 1, 2022. If it's a channel like ours with low revenue, you don't have to worry too much about commissions. In addition, we will strengthen the functions of CREAS (Creator Support Platform) and newly establish a "Training Course" aiming at exclusive creators who co-create business. For a channel like ours, there may not be much benefit. The details of the service will be summarized as soon as the details are known.

What is a UUUM network?

UUUM is famous as a YouTuber office. Hikakin-san and Hajime Shacho are also members, and I think it is the best YouTuber office in Japan. The eye socket is different. Playbox belongs to such a YouTuber office, UUUM network operated by UUUM, and CREAS. This time, I summarized how to subscribe to the UUUM network, the merits and demerits of novice YouTubers joining the UUUM network.

What is the UUUM network?


What is CREAS?

It's about the UUUM network. Unlike UUUM's exclusive creators, it is positioned to utilize networks and services. As of December 2021, Playbox has not met the monetization requirements (at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time). That's right, you can join even if you can't achieve monetization. There is only merit because you can use images, BGM, and sound effects for free. If you monetize and earn more than 5,000 yen, you will be paid 500 yen, but if it is 5,000 yen or less, you can continue to use it for free. To be honest, I don't feel like I can make money on YouTube, so I feel that there are only merits from a beginner's point of view. You also have the chance to become an exclusive creator, but if you become an exclusive creator, you will have to pay 20% of your earnings. * Update (March 2022) The fee has been changed from 500 yen to 5% of revenue * The upper limit is 10,000 yen from March 1, 2022 (Tuesday). Once monetization is achieved and you join an MCN, the quality of service will be upgraded as follows:

What is an MCN?

It stands for multichannel network, and is a service that performs channel management, digital rights management, revenue receipt, etc.

McN Uninformed Creators

Provision of information from UUUM Provision of sound sources & image materials Introduction of collaboration projects Use of bulletin boards

MCN-joined creators

Provision of information from UUUM Provision of sound sources and image materials Introduction of corporate PR projects Introduction of collaboration projects Provision of revenue information Sales of on-demand goods Use of bulletin boards

How to join the UUUM network, conditions of affiliation

It is a way to join the UUUM network, but there are no auditions like general entertainment agencies. You will need to apply through the WEB from the entry page of UUUM's HP.

UUUM Application Flowfrom > UUUUM network

What are the conditions of affiliation?

Although there are no clear criteria, this channel passed with about 100 subscribers and about 5 videos. After applying, I received a passing email the next day, so I think that the examination is not so strict.

Advantages of joining the UUUM network

1. First, improve motivation for video production. Satisfy the desire for approval that the channel has been subscribed. 2. Images, BGM and sound effects can be used for free. As for BGM and sound effects, I would be happy if there were a little more, but I can not complain because it is free. 3. I am also grateful for the sober provision of information. Creating videos that ride the trend is a problem because we can not do much on our channel. Also, depending on the person, you can search for a collaborator through the bulletin board. On the contrary, I feel that there is no disadvantage like a disadvantage, but what do you think? There may be other merits, but since I am a beginner, this is the only place that comes to mind.

In conclusion

Joining a UUUM network doesn't mean you'll have more subscriptions or views. It is better to think of it as one information source, a network, and divide it into those that can use images, BGM, and sound effects for free. If you join with excessive expectations, some people may become disappointed and withdraw from membership. This is also the edge of something. It would be nice if you could slowly upload videos and play☆ The possibilities for using the service effectively are endless! Furari-chan in return Thank you for reading until the end.



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