【Misdo】I enjoyed tea time with Pokemon Donuts ♪


Misdo×Pokemon Collection

"Come together, Tokubetsu" Misdo × Pokémon in the fourth year It seems to be the fourth year. Turn ♪ your innocent time into a special time with your loved ones

I ♪ enjoyed tea time with Pokemon Donuts

  【Misdo】Pokemon DonutsMr. Donuts' Pokémon Donuts, which have been on sale since November 12, 2021, were delicious ♪ with the Furari-chan siblings, and if you think about it, I eat Christmas sets and Pokémon Donuts every time. Yoshinoya also ate it, and the Pokémon effect should ( ́-ω-') be frightened

Pikachu Donuts

Cute ♪ stable Pikachu ♡

      Eev Idornuts

Eevee is also pretty. ♡

        Pokemon Donuts

It would be pitiful to eat. ( ́・ω・')



      Pikachu Pinch For some reason, in our house, Eevee is very popular! ! Pikachu, chu in a pinch?! Anyway, Furapa loves Pikachu! The chocolate also looks delicious ( 'ω') ( Chigauuu Pikachu Surprise

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Khrapatyi (ふらぱてぃ)

Khrapatyi (ふらぱてぃ)

Father of two children (middle-aged) /Japan/Social worker/Investor/former painter/Science fiction researcher

Don't forget to enjoy "children's hearts"!
Let's change "boring" to "fun"!
Fun will be the sustenance of life ♡
This is a blog that focuses on child-rearing articles, YouTube video introductions, and miscellaneous articles from a professional and father's perspective by a social worker.

♥ Furari-chan (6 years old) The most beautiful girl in Japan. Gluttonous but small meal. I love cute things.
♥ Funi-kun (8 years old) A timid but kind brother. I love Pokemon.

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Passed Google Ads examination (2022/1 ~)
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Achieved 1000 registrants (2022/2)

I hope that playing with my father will lead to discoveries and learning.