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Horayama - Main Hall

What is Mt. Hora?

Mount Hōtayama (法多山, Hōta-san) is the nickname of a temple on Mount Kōyasan Shingen Sōbetsu Honzan in Fukuroi, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, famous for its amulet Kannon. Its official name is Hōtayama Kōeiji (Hōtayama Kōeiji). It is one of the Three Mountains of Enshu, and the hon. Gentleman is the Saint Guanyin (正観世音菩薩, Shōkan Seongon Bodhisattva, 厄除観世音). It is more widely known as "Hōtayama" than "Kōei-ji". In fact, it is rare for anyone to know the name of Koeiji Temple. I went to Mount Hōta and it all passes. By the way, there are 259 steps to the main hall. The amulet dumpling is famous, and people who are looking for the amulet dango go to the amulet dumpling shop without going to the main hall. Mt. Hora - Danshi Sales Office Procession It is said that it was built by the order of Emperor Seimu in the 2nd year of the Jinchuuriki (725) by Yuki, who sought the "Holy Land of the Great Sorrow Guanyin Coming". The cathedral was destroyed by fire in the late Edo period, and the current main hall was rebuilt in 1983.

Amulet Dangoto

In the Edo period, there was a custom to present prayer marks and local specialties every New Year by worshiping the shogunate's prayers for the fulfillment of the shogunate's Takeun Nagahisa, Tenka Taihei, and five grains. At the time of the 13th Shogun Iesada (1854), kanzeon specialty dumplings based on the idea of the temple shiHachizaemon living in front of the gate were attached to the souvenir of the castle and received the name "Kushi Dango" from the Shogun family, and it has been loved by general worshipers for more than 150 years since then, and it is still widely popular as a Hotayama specialty [Amulet dumpling]. > Horayama Specialty Dango Business Association WEBSITE Mt. Hora - Amulet Dango

A limited-time amulet dango

Cha dango
It is "Cha Dango" which is sold only on "Kotoku Day" once a month. Tea made with Fukuroi is kneaded. January 1 (100), February 28 (90), March 4 (100), April 18 (100), May 18 (100), June 18 (40th), July 10 (40,000), August 24 (4,000th), September 20 (300th), October 19 (40th), November 7th (6th), December 19th (4th)
Sakura Dango
"Sakura Dango" is released only during the cherry blossom season. The cherry blossom-colored "Sakura Dango" has a soft scent of cherry blossoms. It is a dumpling that combines flowers and dumplings. ♪
Kuri dango
"Kuri Dango" is released only during the autumn leaves season. Chestnuts are plentiful in both ann and mochi, making you feel autumn. The autumn leaves picking of Hama-chan is really beautiful.
Mitarashi Dango
"Mitarashi Dango" is released only during the autumn leaves season. It's simple, but the royal road of dumplings fits. ♪
・ Shaved ice from the dadango shop
"Shaved ice of the dangoya" of enshu matcha taste sold only in the summer period of July and August. Shaved ice that you eat side by side for a long time in the hot weather is the best … ♪


Mt. Hora - Stairs Mt. Hora - Stairs

259 steps to the main hall are dashed with parents and children!

Speaking of amulets, Hata (Hōtayama)!! Speaking of Hata (Hōtayama), there are many people who say that it is an amulet dumpling, isn't it? That exquisite Anko sweetness is addictive. Akafuku mochi is just right for a bad furapa because it is too sweet. Last year, unfortunate things happened in quick succession, and I sometimes felt unwell, so I visited with a feeling of clinging to straws, but after visiting the temple, I was refreshed as if I had taken off something that I had possessed. However, when I was attacked by a mantis on the stairs on the way back from the main hall, I seriously suspected ( ́・ω・') that I was possessed by something Well, I visited ♪ Furari-chan (5) and Hotayama Takanaga-ji Temple in Fukuroi City, Shizuoka Prefecture 〆 Of course, I enjoyed ♡ the amulet dumplings, and it is a merit day of the month 1, and it is a tea dumpling! The dumpling shop was a great line because the new corona was also calm.   Mt. Hota - Worship We prepared two types of pocket money (5 yen coin and 1,000 yen bill) for the gift change. Which do you take, money or wishes?! Where is Furari-chan's pocket money?! Piyo Piyo Dance

What is piyopiyo dance♡……

(* Please note that the video will emit sound)

Yes! I want to be a princess
You might be able to be a good girl.


【YouTube Video】5-year-olds enjoyed Hata-san (Mt. ♡ Hora)









But why did you choose 5 yen?
I chose your edge. ♪
So you don't need any money, do you?
If you buy me some sweets, I'll give it back. ♪
I took both a request and a connection, but…
Thank you very much☆




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