【Intellectual Education】Family ties, growth! The best 3 benefits of playing with children! [I want to be liked by my daughter]


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Fun to play with kids. It would be nice if children could play with them.

Let's ♪ play with the kids

Furori-chan Locomotive The time when the child is a child is very short. To some extent, even if you want to play with your child after growing up, your child is not used to playing with your parents, and you may not play. And no matter how much money you accumulate, you can't go back to the past. I want to take care of the present. Fura P encourages children to grow up through play. As a result, I ♪ would be happy if I could promote the growth of children, build attachment, and deepen family bonds, and what I enjoyed and sadness when I was a child will remain for life. This time I summarized ♪ the merits of playing with children in a ranking format

Time spent with children

Fura P himself was busy with work, so he hardly had time to play with children. I wanted to slow down on my days off. So, if I was moving on a weekday, I would come home late at night, so the child was in a dream. We started by going to a neighborhood park to hang out. As a child, that's just the tension MAX. According to the results of the 5th Longitudinal Survey of Infants Born in the 21st Century (2014) conducted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, 20% of fathers spend less than 30 minutes with their children on weekdays. It's so realistic! For mothers, "more than 6 hours" is 54.0%. For fathers, 28.7% answered "less than 2 ~ 4 hours", 23.5% said "less than 1 ~ 2 hours", and 21.2% said "less than 30 minutes". Compared with the second survey (1 year and 6 months), the percentage of mothers who answered "more than 6 hours" decreased from 74.6% to 54.0%, and that of fathers decreased to more than 2 hours and increased to less than 2 hours. The time spent with children on holidays does not seem to have changed much for both parents. The impact of the increase in the number of dual-income married couples can be seen from the results.

The best 3 benefits of playing with children!

Furori-chan   No. 👑 3 Playing with parents fosters logical thinking! Children try to imitate and understand the way adults speak, the meaning of the words they speak, and the way they think. I feel that it is an important merit that children cannot be nurtured by each other. However, children these days rarely go out by themselves and have fewer opportunities to play with each other, so I feel that it may be difficult to learn sociality and maintain a sense of distance from friends. In the past, I think I was free-ranging from kindergarten (distant eyes). By playing with parents and children, let's cultivate social skills and logical thinking. On the flip side, the responsibility is serious. Dirty words will be absorbed quickly, so be careful with your words and actions!   No. 👑👑 2 I can feel ♪ the growth of my child up close and personal What I could not do yesterday was able to do today! You can feel the growth of the child up close, such as being able to eat things that you dislike with all your might. Playing with your child will inevitably give you more time together, so you will be able to notice even the smallest changes. I'm really happy to be able to help you learn to do things you can't do. You will also understand the character of your child. The more resourceful a child is, the less time he spends, the more he will wear a cat!   And the glorious first place is … bon bon bon bon / bon bon / bon 👑👑👑✨ By playing with parents and children, children can also feel affection, and parents can also reaffirm their affection. Children will also be able to talk to their parents more easily, and conversations within the family will increase. I think that children who are entrusted to daycare centers on holidays feel very lonely. In addition, since the time of the couple increases, I feel that the relationship between the husband and wife will also improve. In today's world, working together has become the norm. If the mother's job and the father do not move (and vice versa), parenting can be cold not only to the child but also to the love between the husband and wife. It is also a ♪ big merit to spend more time with the family




  (Back 1st place) 💎💎💎💎✨ My daughter (son) will miss me! There is no father or mother who hates daughters and sons. They are irreplaceable. If you lament that your daughter (son) will not miss you, you can shorten the distance just by having fun and playing together! Recently, she hasn't told me much, but Furari-chan will marry her daddy until she is about 4 years old! He said. Just by playing together, you can become the happiest person in the world. Well, you will ♪ have to play together, but the point is to have fun and play according to the child. Especially girls are girls even at the age of 1 year. I lower my bag and do some makeup imitations. Be careful not to be disliked for acting without delicacy!


Furori-chan vs Takaashigani "Merits of playing with children! Best 3!" How was it? "Don't you just want to be liked by your daughter?" she loves her so much that she doesn't deny it! Playing with children leads to childhood growth and the formation of family attachments. It is said that attachment does not change even when things are nurtured in childhood become adults. In the childhood that affects the child's whole life, play happily together and make fun memories. Isn't that a very meaningful time! By all means, please try to put it into practice!!   Furori-chan Bye-bye Thank you for reading until the end.

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