【Video Introduction Blog】 How to pass the Google Adsense examination [improvement measures]


Will the video introduction blog pass the Google Adsense screening? You won’t know until you try it!

Challenge google adsense examination with the video introduction main blog!

Furori-chan's first YouTube icon This blog originally wants my daughter Furori-chan to do it! It was born about 3 months ago with the aim of introducing YouTube videos of the YouTube channel “Playbox ♡Play Box” that started with . I made a blog, so I tried everything! So, I challenged google adsense examination. However, there were not many video introduction blogs that were helpful. Well, one shot pass measures! I heard a sweet story, but I felt that the countermeasure will change depending on the blog. The Google Adsense review has become really strict ….

Failed the first screening

Google Adsense fail November 24, 2021 [Mail of misfortune in 3 days] Number of articles 11 About 5 weeks after opening the blog It was Fura P who triumphantly challenged the Google Adsense review, but the result was not judged. In addition, it was said that it was worthless content. Some people really break their hearts. The content was thin about 200 ~ 500 characters just to introduce the video, so I remember being convinced that it was true even if it was said that it was worthless content.

It’s not time to be impatient yet.

【Improvement measures】Measures taken after failing the first screening

1. In order to convey the contents of the video to be introduced better, we increased the number of characters by adding text related to the video (1,000 characters or more is the minimum line). In addition, we tried to organize it so that we could provide as much deals and knowledge as possible. (* This article is 2696 characters) 2. I created paragraphs, a table of contents, and recreated the article with an awareness of the structure that is easy for readers to see. 3. Change the blog and article titles so that you can understand the contents at a glance, and change them so that it is easy to group. 4. Rethink categories and tags and change them so that they do not overlap. 5. We have increased the number of articles that are as original as possible. In addition, since it cannot be denied that there is a lack of information provided only by introducing videos, we have increased the number of miscellaneous articles on intellectual education, education, etc. Content that is too far removed from the content of the blog may not be acceptable. 6. In the Google Search Console, I submitted an article for indexing. Google Search Console can help you analyze your blog SEO!

Revenge to Google Adsense examination!

Furori-chan Drink Bar

Tea Break ♪

As such, the playbox ♡ has changed drastically from the situation at the time of the first failed examination. It’s not like I was last time! And with enthusiasm, click the application button again!

The result is …?




The sound of the ♪ pipe organ sounded realistic.

Failed the second screening

January 18, 2022 [Mail of misfortune in 3 days] Number of articles 19 3 months after the opening of the blog Failed the examination again. I was in a mood of resignation, hoping that it would not be enough to make it this far. Well, I logged in to the Google Adsense site to ask the reason for this time, but I pressed the review button … Groggy P (sweat). It was dented, I’m sorry! Google!! and back the page, but when it is already late … Was….

If you give up, the game will end there, right?

【Improvement measures】Measures taken after failing the second screening

Even if it is an accident, it can not be helped because I have applied for examination. I was. It’s just bad foot-scratching. 1. Increased the number of textual and content-conscious articles by two (not to say fewer). 2. I registered with Blog Village. After all, in my experience, backlinks are super important. Shortly after opening, the domain powerless playbox ♡. There is a blog village icon at the bottom of the article, so it is poof! You may be happy if you can get it. 3. I prayed to God!

Third time honest? What is the result of re-revenge…?

Google Adsense Pass

Google Adsense review, passed! There are two things three times, not.

It was the third time honesty! 【Results】

Google Adsense examination passed in the third screening!

January 24, 2022 [Mail passed in 7 days] Number of articles 21 3 months after the opening of the blog The quality of the articles does not change much, so it may have been a good idea to register with Blog Village. Not only the content of the article, but also a certain amount of PV and backlinking are necessary. I have great respect for the bloggers who mass-produce good articles every day. After all, I’m ♪ genuinely happy to pass.

【Experience Story】Consideration of the examination

I summarized what I felt about the recent Google Adsense review several times.   1. If the examination period is short, there is a high possibility that you will fail.This is a story that has nothing to do with sites with a high degree of perfection, sites that seem to be standing alone、、、。 I think that blogs that fail with a short examination period may have failed the mechanical examination. 2. I feel that backlinks and PV are important in the judging. And even after passing, it’s super important! 3. Even if there are unindexed articles, they can pass.There were about 5 unindexed articles, but I was able to pass the Google Adsense review. 4. You need to write articles that are valuable to your audience. 5. Even if you challenge the examination immediately after failing, you can pass.

I’m too selfish or uncertain blogs don’t have credibility.

【Conclusion】Can I pass the Google Adsense examination in the video introduction blog?

Conclusion: It is difficult to pass the screening with a blog that only introduces videos.

(*Excluding those who are talented enough to screw down the Google Adsense examination)

Text articles with thin content mainly on videos are NG

Need articles and valuable information to make your videos more enjoyable

If it’s just videos, it’s good on YouTube.

In conclusion

The screening process for Google Adsense is becoming more and more difficult every year. However, I don’t think the point remains that the underlying sites that benefit the viewer and the sites that can gain knowledge are evaluated. Also, the points to note in Adsense screening change depending on the field. I would like to feel joy that you can continue to browse in the future, and I would like to think about things from the viewer’s point of view! Pass the Google Adsense review on the video introduction site! I started with the goal of, but in the end it became a miscellaneous blog about video introduction + intellectual education, education, etc. Writing a blog is fun, isn’t it? I would be happy if this experience could be of any use to everyone. We will continue to work hard together with our YouTube channel to provide value to everyone!   Fureri-chan and Sea Turtles Thank you for reading until the end.

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